House-Sitting: Communication with the Proprietor is the Key to Success

Suprises when house sitting are most unpleasant, particularly after a long, as well as, expensive quest. Arriving at a house-sitting task to discover that it is not at all exactly what you had visualized causes significant disappointment, most especially, if you have dedicated to an extensive stay. And also imagine the homeowner’s dismay if you are not as he or she envisioned you to be.

The easy means to prevent these scenarios is to get as much info as possible just before involving into an agreement to undertake the position. Hopefully the owner’s schedule will certainly allow answering all the important inquiries much sufficient in advance so that either of you could revoke the offer if something is amiss. Not just does trading truths with the homeowner well ahead of the conference date arm both of you with all the info you’ll need, it assures the property owner that you are significant, knowledgeable and also an expert.

Trading emails is the very best way to define the owner’s needs and wishes, as well as his physical location. Yet in addition to basic composed questions and solutions, we have found that a minimum of one phone conversation to the owner makes things a lot more personal and helps strengthen the connection. We always send the prospective owner a photo which speaks volumes concerning us– how old we are, our ethnic culture and also cleaning habits. If we are not acceptable to them for any reason, they have a possibility to break off settlements then rather than marveling later on.

In return, we request images of the proprietor, our home, the garden to be looked after and also any type of pets that belong to the work. The majority of owners find this complementary. However it likewise provides us a great deal of information. The bushes that was advertised as a “small plot” unexpectedly appears as acres of thoroughly tended official rose yard, “the canines” are transformed into a half-dozen Great Danes and also your home shows up in terrible requirement of structural job. Actually, we have never ever turned down a house-sitting position as a result of the pictures, but at the very least we always understood exactly what we were entering.

The Web is an important device for looking into potential jobs. As soon as you have the proprietor’s address, mapping it on line to make sure that you can see it’s connection to cities and also towns is easy. Also airborne pictures are available so you can imagine the standard topography. However be careful– we once took a suburban home sit promoted as simply two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the community grocery. The shock was that the entire journey was on a 45 degree slope. We were in the best form of our lives after climbing that hill daily with backpacks full of grocery stores for 6 weeks.

Possibly the best way to utilize the Net for discovering a recommended house sit is to teleconference with the property owner. This can be accomplished computer-to-computer by means of Skype if both you as well as the proprietor have the software program and also webcams.

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